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Red n Barky Memberdetails

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Profile of Kain
General Information
Picture not available
Name: not available
ICQ: not available
AIM: not available
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MSN: not available
Homepage: not available
Location: not available
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Birthday: 14.02.1990 (Age: 30)
Games: Resistance Quads Socom CA Squads
Status: Fullmember

Football Team
Favourite not available
Hated not available
International not available

Favorite Locations
not available

 0 / 44 Comments, 0%
 7 / 582 Wars (531 played or to be played, 51 cancelled), 1.2%
06.09.2007 20:01 - Red n Barky vs. Snipers R Us
News Comments:
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Legend Legend:
Resistance Quads - Resistance Quads Socom CA Squads - Socom CA Squads

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