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RnB formed at the very end of 2004 in time for the Socom II doubles tournament. The founding members are Red Legend and Barky, two English IT Telecoms Contractors who met working in Brussels. Both of us played in the Original full Socom II clan the Mutineers, which had retired pending the release of Socom III but was brought out of retirement by RnB in November 2005. The Killzone clan was formed at the beginning of March 2005 and sadly we retired this clan on the 14th of July 2005. The only time we ever logged in was for doubles matches and we saw no point in continuing, well played to all the clans we warred with and an apology to those that we had to let down by retiring. The Timesplitters clan was a full clan comprising of RnB and other members of The Mutineers, formed on the 24/03/2005 and retired on the 14/12/2005 to make way for the Battfield 2 Triples clan. The Socom II Quads team was started at the beginning of May 2005 and was the most succesful of the RnB Clans until the launch of the Socom 3 Squads. The Battlefield 2 Triples clan formed on the 9/12/2005 and retired on the 7/5/2006. RnB have also retired the PES5 Singles teams. The Socom 3 Squad and Doubles clans formed on the 18/4/2006 after waiting many months for its release. The schedule was as busy as ever and the Squads team came within a single Round (a tiebreak) of winning the EU Crown and was in the top 10 for quite a while (the Socom 3 clans retired with the launch of Socom CA). The Metal Gear Solid clan formed on 12/10/2006, as we were only playing Socom 3 we thought we would try our hands at something new, however very few games were played. The Pro Evo 6 clans formed on the 27/10/2006 but again only for a very brief spell. With the launch of the PS3 came the launch of the RnB Resistance Quads (6/4/2007). The Socom CA Doubles formed on the 14/5/2007 and the Squads on the 27/5/2007. At the beginning of September 2007 RnB played their last PS2 match and also retired the Resistance Quads. After a two month break in matches for RnB the beginning of November brought the formation of a new clan on Call of Duty 4. With the eventual release of Socom Confrontation RnB Played their first game on 16/4/2009.

For information the Original Socom Doubles Tournament was very short lived as we fell at the first fence after an epic 14 round Shadow Falls battle that ended in a 1 - 0 loss. Our full stats can be viewed by clicking on our Clan Pictures above or by following the Statistics Link on The War Room Menu, they make for some interesting reading as we have not been the most successful of clans to date.

RnB launched the RnB Socom Doubles League in November 2006 but it ended before completion. The site has now been modified and relaunched with a full ladder system and we are looking forward to some good in clan rivalry. You can visit the league site by following the link in the bottom menu.

We can be challenged by clicking on the Console Gaming Link above, however, due to our amazing record we do generally have a full schedule on Socom, so you can also place a request for challenge by clicking here. We will endeavour to keep the requests in the order in which they arrive. The Request a Challenge page allows you to challenge any of the RnB clans.

Below you will find a link to the all important RnB WAR ROOM, this has details of all the matches we have ever played and lets you see who we will war next, you can even add a comment on the matches. There are also Performance Stats and lists of our opponents with their contact details. The Calendar will give you a quick overview of what is to come for the boys from RnB and The Members area will tell you all about us. Other links will take you to information on all "the Poll of the Week" results and our Hall of Shame for a list of all those players that have overstepped the rules of the game. The Links option will show you a list of some other gaming sites and by clicking on the forum links you will be able to register and post to keep in touch with all the members of RnB and MuT as well as see match reports for the RnB League Games.

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