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Here are the results of the RnB polls of the week, along with Winners and Prizes.

M14 Not Noob
The M14 Poll (09/08/2005 - 17/09/2005)

You decided that the M14 really isn't a Noob Cannon. So all you whingers, just live with it, there is only a little while to go and you will have a whole new armoury to whine about.

The RnB Socom Sponge Poll (18/07/2005 - 08/08/2005)

It was time to go back to the polls for your choice of Socom Sponge. The highest amount of votes cast in any RnB poll to date saw the Previous Title Holder RearNakedJim finish level with Dazzmann on 59 votes each (42% of the votes cast a piece). Dopefiend came in 3rd with 17 votes. So we present both Jim and Daz with the RnB Socom Sponge award.
The RnB Sponge Award

Socom 3
Socom 3 Features Poll (04/07/2005 - 17/07/2005)

We wanted to know what you thought was going to be Socom 3 best new feature. The top 3 were Larger Maps, Vehicles and the winner was being able to have 32 player wars online.

The MCQ Poll (20/06/2005 - 03/07/2005)

This poll came about due to some badly timed words in a match where Mick had destroyed Gary. Gary claimed that it was so unusual to get owned by Mick, so we asked you what you believed was the case. With 81% of the votes you all know that Mick owns Gary. Mick the Killer and Gary the Clown.
Gary the Clown

Welly & Wing
Doubles Tournament Poll (06/06/2005 - 12/06/2005)

This was the poll to see who you thought would win the Doubles tournament. It saw Welly and Wing become hot favourites to win. Their first round opponents [bM!] FiGhT & Xaros are joint second favourites with RnB.

Confiscate the Comms (30/05/2005 - 05/06/2005)

NO Doubt about who you want to keep quiet for the week, in fact he came first and second. Jamez/Shaddy, quiet please.

The Kill a Celeb Poll (22/05/2005 - 29/05/2005)

Votes were cast for who you wanted to see as a member of the opposite team on Socom, so you could, shoot, bomb and then dance on them. The Smug Chelsea Manager was most wanted.

Champions League (17/05/2005 - 22/05/2005)

Just over a week before Kick Off we asked you who would win the Champions League final. Two Thirds of you went for Milan. We will all find out on the 25th.
AC Milan

WellySock Face
The SS Poll (09/05/2005 - 16/05/2005)

So who is the most Scottish sounding player on Socom. Well it was an easy and simple choice for you all. The top Sweaty was Wellyboot Face with 78% of the votes. (no one else stood a chance)

Winners Poll (02/05/2005 - 08/05/2005)

So this week we asked you how long did you think it would be before the Socom win counter was reset. As the poll began the counter was under 24hrs. Well by the end of the poll 56% of you wonderful supporters unfortunately had got it wrong that it would be in under 5 days. 19% more of you said under 10 days and the remaining 25% went to those doubters that only read stats and have not seen how outstanding yet unlucky we are. They claimed over 100 days. When it happens, we will let you know the clock details.
The RnB Podium

The 1 0n 1 Battle Award
1 on 1 Poll (18/04/2005 - 01/05/2005)

This was a two part poll and the first was won easily by Welly and Peripete with 66% of the votes. Yep thats the match you all want to see, start bidding for your tickets now. Libby and Mrs D came in second with 13%. The second part of the Poll was for the Maps and it was very, very tight in the End and at one stage looked to be heading for a Shadow Falls first map. However, quite a few votes were cast at the end and although Shadow falls was level third with Blizzard we chose for the latter to make it more entertaining to watch. So the maps are Abandoned, The Ruins and Blizzard. The Rules are no IWs, M6* or Handheld GLs. Keep watching for details and Result of the CLAW WAR.

Best Sniper Poll (11/04/2005 - 17/04/2005)

Competition Time for this poll and scandal to boot, the top two have to battle it out in a special sniper match. The poll itself was won by Peripete and Fergi came in second, all of this after a recount following an investigation into the votes cast for RnBs very own Red Legend. The final deciding match will be played this week, with Vigilance being the first 2 Maps and Foxhunt being the 3rd, best of 11, 6 minute Rounds. No Bombs, Snipers and Pistols only. The Final result will be shown here and the winner will win the RnB Sniper Shield.
The RnB Sniper Award

The RnB Sponge Award
Who Sponges Poll (04/04/2005 - 10/04/2005)

Votes were cast for your choice of who is the Socom Sponge. There was no doubting The winner which was REARnakedJIM with 38% of the casted votes. He had led from the start and goes to prove just how absorbent he really is, REARnakedJIM we present you with The RnB Sponge Award, keep that battlefield clean and dry. Second place went to Wellyboot Face with 31%.

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